My warranty is simple:

(1) I guarantee that when you pickup your computer (or I deliver it) that it is in working order – and I ALWAYS demonstrate that in the presence of the client.

(2) I guarantee my work until the time that I walk out of your door after onsite service or dropping off a device,  or up to the point that you pickup your computer / device from my office. After that I have no control over what you or someone else does to the machine / equipment, nor do I have control over acts of God and nature.

That means that if you install 3rd party software on your own or download a virus (for example) or a Windows update conflicts with your hardware – then I cannot provide warranty for those things beyond my control.


While I attempt to backup and transfer your important data, and I try to avoid situations where your data or software is lost, such occurrences of data loss happen and are common, for a variety of reasons. I will make every best faith effort to retrieve, backup, and restore your data; however, ultimately that is your responsibility as a computer or device owner.

If my service is explicitly to attempt a data recovery from a corrupted or infected drive or device, then my warranty only covers the fact that I will attempt in good faith to recover the data while causing as little further damage as possible. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I cannot ever guarantee a 100% successful recovery.


Unfortunately,  I have no control over the updating process from MSFT, Apple, or any 3rd Party software. When your computer was picked up or delivered, it was up to date (at that point in time) with the operating system or relevant software updates. However, since the updating process, especially with MSFT and Apple, is an ongoing process, you may be notified of updates on a frequent basis. This is out of my control and you accept responsibility for keeping up to date.

With Windows 7, your system will be set to notify you of Windows updates, but only download and install when you allow. In the case of Windows 10 Home, this is not possible. The Windows 10 Home EULA now reads: “You may obtain updates only from Microsoft or authorized sources, and Microsoft may need to update your system to provide you with those updates. By accepting this agreement, you agree to receive these types of automatic updates without any additional notice.


Most hardware will have its own warranty from the manufacturer. That usually covers parts only. For example, there may be labor involved to recover data, reinstall operating systems, software, etc.


I do not warranty software other than my labor involved to install it correctly in good faith per the vendor / provider instructions. Any other warranty or claims against software will be handled by the software vendor or service – even in the case that I recommend particular software or services, such as Google or Apple.

I am also NOT responsible for any data loss or damages caused by software / service failures or corruption.