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Finished Computer - Repaired or Reinstall or Upgrade


Client agrees that all work was performed to satisfaction as defined in phone/email/txt conversations, and/or corresponding invoice(s). Client also agrees that upon pickup or delivery of device it was in satisfactory working order, and that SmarterGeek advised you on best security practices as well as the importance of backups.

If your OS was reinstalled or upgraded, then at least some of the Apple or MSFT updates were installed, although more will stream in periodically. It is up to the you to finish installation of all updates and periodically allow future updates from Apple or MSFT and other software/hardware vendors.

If your OS was reinstalled or upgraded,  a best effort was made to backup and restore your personal data (pictures, documents, etc), but ultimately you as the customer are responsible for your data. You agree that your data was restored to a satisfactory condition as was able.

You agree that all additional software was installed as agreed, and that you will install any additional software as necessary and the appropriate licenses (ex: Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, etc).


You agree and allow SmarterGeek to make a temporary copy of any recoverable data while in the process of repairs. This data will be kept only for the time necessary to complete the services or repairs. SmarterGeek is NOT responsible for maintaining archives of your data.



SmarterGeek agrees that “reasonable minor remote help” such as printer software installation will be allowed up to 15 days after delivery or pickup of device. We are NOT responsible for software/hardware issues arising from client installation after delivery or pickup.


Client agrees to review the following page and acknowledges that it is subject to periodic revision:

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