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This form is the easiest way to contact Rex Moncrief – but it is not secure. In other words DO NOT send me private information. If you have PRIVATE information that you need to send then use my address (scroll down)


smartergeek-protonmail(1) If you need to send me a secure email, then I strongly encourage you to signup for a ProtonMail account. This provides SECURE email end to end ONLY if the sender AND recipient are using it.

If you send me an email from your normal email service to my ProtonMail account – then your email provider can still read the email. However, I can reply to you securely. In that case, send me an email with a simple subject and content such as “I need to contact you please.” I will reply with an easy and secure way to communicate back and forth.


(2) You can use OpenPGP or Mailvelope and send me an encrypted email. Here is a link to my


SMS / TXT or FAXING - Old School

TXT / SMS: You can send to 318-995-4335

or you can go really old-school:

FAX: 318-532-6529

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