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Credit Card & Merchant Services

One of the great things about using SmarterGeek is that we offer turn-key solutions to just about everything. Several years ago, we realized that many of our clients  had a need for e-commerce and mobile payment systems. Also, they were simply paying card swipe fees that were just too high!

Merchant Account

We offer full merchant services as an authorized representative for MersaTech – a registered ISO / MSP and BBB Gold Star Recipient. This allows us to offer you merchant services at a substantially discounted rate along with professional hands-on service!

Merchant services are simply defined as the services (payment gateways, e-commerce, credit card device, mobile phone, etc) that you as a merchant use to accept payments.

To accept credit or debit card payments, you need a merchant account with a company (such as MersaTech) who helps facilitate payments through the acquiring banks and networks for Visa, MC, Discover, and AmEx.

What percentage rates do we offer?


Anyone who tells you they are going to give you credit card processing for x% is selling you snake oil. This means that your are going to have a complicated merchant services statement with hidden fees everywhere.

Credit cards all have different “discount rates” depending on the type of card (ex: Visa with Rewards vs MasterCard Debit vs American Express) and whether the card is swiped or keyed in (no card present).

We typically offer you what is called “Interchange +”. This means that we mark up the actual rate that is paid to the credit card companies. For example, if a Chase Visa Business has a rate of 1.8%, then you would pay 1.95%. By using “Interchange +” you know that you are getting the absolute best rate – period. Sure, we make a little profit, but we are not out to get rich off every client.

What type of terminal equipment do we offer?

This really depends on what type of equipment you need.

For instance, if you have a point-of-sale system, then you may already have a mag-stripe reader. We also frequently set up clients who use mobile phones or use a web-based virtual terminal – that can be used from any computer with an internet connection.

If you need a “standard” credit card terminal, we offer several models ranging from dial-up to high speed.

What if you have multiple locations – and some are

How fast do you get paid as the merchant?

That depends on a couple of factors, including your bank account. Typically, your bank account will have funds transferred 24-48 hrs after batch time (typically 6pm).

What About Square?

What About PayPal?