I am Rex Moncrief – and at SmarterGeek my passion is to make your tech life easier. I specialize in just about everything from website help to networking to computer repair to video production and social media marketing. My clients have asked me to do everything from publishing a telephone directory to converting old family VHS video to posting content on YouTube and Facebook – I can do it all.

Does your business need some training and support for software or processes in your business? I’ve got you covered from on-site, remote, to CD/DVD media. I can even produce online training tutorials and pay per view!

I specialize and cater to both small businesses and home users and church technology!


  • Computer Virus
  • Network help
  • Social Media
  • Video and Audio software
  • Photo / picture restoration
  • Software training
  • iPhone / iPad / AppleTV / Android devices

These are my recent from social media.