PayPal has been around for years. While we suggest that you create a PayPal account, we don’t recommend that you rely on it solely for your merchant services. Their fees are too high, and PayPal has a slightly tarnished reputation for holding funds.

Also, you have to manually transfer funds from PayPal (which is NOT FDIC insured) to your bank. This can take 2-3 days to transfer.

However, one of the good things about PayPal is that you are paid almost instantly into your PayPal account. If you sign-up for PayPal’s Debit MasterCard, then you would have immediate access to payments from your customers, which means you can receive access to funds (up to the debit card daily spending limit) very fast.

Does PayPal offer a swiper similar to Square?

Yep – PayPal has released their “PayPal Here” app, which greatly simplifies the process of accepting credit cards for merchants.

How do we make money if you use PayPal?

Much like Square – PayPal is a completely separate service. You can setup your own account.

However, if you decide to hire us, we will go through the process on your behalf and make sure you are absolutely clear on how to get paid by your customers. If you are using e-commerce (online store), we can help you setup PayPal for that, or we can create simple e-commerce buttons for your website if you don’t need a full e-commerce storefront.