Yahoo Has to Go – and so does AT&T and Bellsouth Email

If you haven’t already heard, Yahoo has had another account breach disclosure. As if allowing access to 500 million accounts wasn’t enough, this time there were 1 billion accounts compromised. Want to know something else cool? The “hack” took place back in 2013, and Yahoo is just now figuring it out and disclosing it.

For years, I have been on my tech soap box with my clients about using Yahoo email. I troubleshoot more issues with their service than any other. The amount of spam is crazy – not mention using a Yahoo account for your business is just unprofessional.

Also, Bellsouth entered into a “partnership” with Yahoo to provide back-end email services nearly 15 years ago. Have you ever noticed that when you login to your or email accounts for your DSL service, that you are signing into Yahoo’s portal? That’s why. Now, AT&T did announce back in May 2016 that they were unbundling their email from Yahoo and moving to another service. That is gonna take a while to roll out.

What should you do? Simple. Go to and setup an account. I’ve been preaching this for many years, including getting away from Yahoo. Google’s email security is pretty much the best in the business – no matter what you hear in the mainstream media. Switch to google.

If you own a business and need secure email, I can help with that, including HIPAA compliance.

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