Working with Blogger

It’s been a few days, well almost 2 weeks, since I’ve posted, but life and business have been very busy to say the least! That’s my typical and predictable excuse.

Over the last week I’ve been to extensively work with Google’s Blogger both for myself and for a client. So far its been fairly straightforward and things have worked relatively well. On this SmarterGeek blog, I am pushing the blogger content to my smartergeek site via the FTP interface. This was pretty easy to setup and works fairly well and quickly. My personal blog is hosted on Blogger’s servers and using some DNS settings with my domain, I’m able to keep all the URL’s pretty much like I want them. This gives me 2 scenarios to play with, which in turn allows me to advise my clients better.

As luck would have it, I gained a new client and guess what? That new client, Stephanie Stahl, wanted to setup 2 separate blogs. I’ve got to be the luckiest guy alive. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I wake up every morning hoping there are enough hours in the day to do all the cool stuff I need to do.

Needless to say, after an initial meeting and agreement on services, she is well on her way to blogdom! Now, I’m playing with the templates to further tweak and refine the blogs. I may also try to do some cool stuff on this blog with ASP and includes to really jazz up the blog. We’ll see how it works.