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Stupid Text is as Stupid Does

This is nearly as bad as forwarding emails for urban legends. For the past 2 days a text – sms – message was circulating around the Shreveport / Bossier City area claiming a gang initiation at Wal-Mart was going to take place. Supposedly, 3 women would be shot. FWD: Police r askn all women do […]

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Erasing your Data

When you put a file in your “recycle bin” or “trash can” on your computer, it is not really gone – not even after you empty the recycle bin. The information can be recovered with freely available software. Granted, over time the file becomes harder and harder to recover, but it can be recovered. You […]

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Chase Bank Error Code 1300

So far I’ve been pretty pleased with Chase bank. The tellers are generally friendly and the online banking site is pretty good – so far. About 2 weeks ago, when I ported my Verizon number over to AT&T for my new iPhone, I noticed that I stopped receiving text alerts from my Chase account for […]

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BlogPress Review

As most of you are aware, I switched over to an iPhone a couple of weeks ago. I’ve got to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Just the Google Sync (calendar and contacts) feature alone is worth the money spent. Then there is the Apps Store – this is arguably one of the most […]

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test from iPhone

Well I’ve had my iPhone for a week now. So far I love it. There are a lot of cases where I don’t have to take my laptop – I can just take my phone. This is my first test from the iPhone using iblogger. We will see how it turns out. I tried blogpress […]

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