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VZAccess Disconnecting – Linksys Print Server

For over a year now, I’ve been using Verizon’s Broadband Access which uses the EV-DO technology. It’s been pretty fast, and overall I’m a big fan of the service. It provides me a backup internet access if my cable connection goes down, plus with my business I need a constant connection. Yesterday, I attempted to […]

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HughesNet and Bandwidth Caps

From email:————————-is it possible for use to put a password on our wireless hubs to block out some local hacker that is exceeding our bandwidth?————————- We’ve discussed this before – the issue is NOT a local hacker accessing the wifi. The problem is HughesNet gouging and screwing over their customers. While I’m a definitely an […]

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Changing Music Folder in iTunes

————–Question from email————– I just noticed that my C: hard drive is nearly full. I need to configure iTunes and DVDFab to save and run off of my D: drive. ————-Solution————- Here are the steps to move your mp3 files from one drive to another and configure iTunes: Copy your current music folder (typically “My […]

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