Customer Q&A – Anti Virus

Q. ___ is wanting me to add some sort of virus protection to the computers in the teen area. Do you have some suggestions as to what I should use?

A. Just remember that anti-virus software DOES NOT protect you. As I’ve preached before, it is like locking the door to your house. It helps – but doesn’t really stop anything. Even Symantec (company that makes Norton products) has “declared anti-virus dead.”

To help prevent malware and such from getting on computers, I recommend a multi-pronged approach. The first step is education – teach the users how to avoid issues. The next step is to utilize a service that helps protect the network from malicious code – such as The third step is to require the use of either Chrome or Firefox and never Internet Explorer. Finally, the last step is to have anti-virus software such as the built-in one in Windows 7 / 10 or something such as Nod32 and MalwareBytes.

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