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Hacking and Credit Cards

There is only 1 printed magazine that I subscribe to anymore – that is Wired Magazine. For some reason, I just enjoy reading the articles and the layout. This month’s issue contained a very interesting article on a guy name Max Butler. To quickly summarize – when the Fed’s busted him, his laptop had over […]

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WebspaceGeeks Revamped

It just seems like there is never enough time in the day to get everything done! As many of you are aware, I also have a domain/hosting company setup at Typically I use this site to register domains and setup hosting for my web development clients. Every now and then I get a “drop […]

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Classroom Computers

============= From Email to a client============= I’ve finally compiled my list of suggestions for helping to secure them and streamline the process of setup. This will help insure consistency of the laptops which will provide a much better classroom experience. Hopefully, the computers will be running XP, but these recommendations will work for Vista as […]

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Serious IE Vulnerability

I know – I know. Typically I don’t post about Internet Explorer exploits. However, this one is pretty serious. I do have a few customers that must use IE for sites such as the Caddo Parish and Bossier Parish websites. Both of them stupidly use Active X controls. Not that either of these sites are […]

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Formatting or Wiping – Erasing – Drives

———————- From Email: going to be donating a couple of old computers to Goodwill. What is the best wayto wipe the hard drives? Is reformatting safe enough?———————- Simply deleting files in Windows (and most OS’es) doesn’t actually delete the data. It is fairly trivial to recover it. The only way to insure security is to […]

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Reinstall Windows XP on a Laptop

Recently, I had a friend of an existing client call. His laptop had somehow corrupted (apparently) all of the drivers for XP. Unfortunately, time was short and I could not get it back to a working state, before he had to return to Arkansas. To further complicate matters, the corrupted drivers included basically all of […]

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Myspace and Antivirus 2009

When it rains it pours. This post follows-up to this one. Getting Rid of Antivirus 2009 – Antivirus 2008 ——————From Email—————— im so aggravated at this thing all i do is check my yahoo mail and talk to my niece on yahoo messenger ———————- My Response———————- As I told you yesterday via email and on […]

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I love my job – again

I say this over and over: I wake up every morning – not regretting needing to work – but wondering if there are enough hours in the day to do all the cool things I get to do. Today was no different. It was absolutely crazy. I am working on 4 different windows computers, getting […]

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Total Google Email – 6 months later

As many of you know, I made the decision several months ago to switch to a totally web-based email system. Of course my preference was Google’s Gmail so naturally I went with Google Apps for my domain. 6 months later – I don’t regret it at all. There are just too many advantages to name […]

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