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Classroom Computers

============= From Email to a client============= I’ve finally compiled my list of suggestions for helping to secure them and streamline the process of setup. This will help insure consistency of the laptops which will provide a much better classroom experience. Hopefully, the computers will be running XP, but these recommendations will work for Vista as […]

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Open Source a Deal-Breaker to Large Companies – Right!

Recently, one of my clients was discussing a possible business deal with a relative – who happens to work for a Fortune 500 company in some capacity. Let’s call him “Bob.” The discussion turned at some point to open source software and Bob stated, “Major companies will not do business with anything open source.” Now, […]

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Formatting or Wiping – Erasing – Drives

———————- From Email: going to be donating a couple of old computers to Goodwill. What is the best wayto wipe the hard drives? Is reformatting safe enough?———————- Simply deleting files in Windows (and most OS’es) doesn’t actually delete the data. It is fairly trivial to recover it. The only way to insure security is to […]

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Myspace and Antivirus 2009

When it rains it pours. This post follows-up to this one. Getting Rid of Antivirus 2009 – Antivirus 2008 ——————From Email—————— im so aggravated at this thing all i do is check my yahoo mail and talk to my niece on yahoo messenger ———————- My Response———————- As I told you yesterday via email and on […]

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