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Customer Q&A – Anti Virus

Q. ___ is wanting me to add some sort of virus protection to the computers in the teen area. Do you have some suggestions as to what I should use? A. Just remember that anti-virus software DOES NOT protect you. As I’ve preached before, it is like locking the door to your house. It helps – but […]

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Customer Q&A via Email

Every now and then, I have email conversations with customers that I think are worthy of posting on my blog. This is one of those. My responses are in red, and no personally identifiable information is included. Q. My conclusion is that USB ports 1 and 2 are fried – or stewed or roasted – since […]

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Malware from Bad Ads

Want to know how the malware gets in? Bad advertising and scripting are the MAIN culprits these days. Google employs over 1000 people just to try and fight the problem. Read up and weep. How does this get in? Typically you will visit a normal legitimate website that has ads running. That is most websites these days. […]

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Importance of Good Lyrics and Slides and Technology

I’m sure we all agree that well-timed and well-constructed lyrics are very important to delivery of the worship songs. That equates into a much more powerful experience that allows the Holy Spirit to enter with much less resistance. In short great worship helps set the stage for the Word. The gold standard for that among […]

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Keynote Presentation Too Old

An interesting thing happened when I switched to a Macbook. My dates of skirting around pirate ships pretty much went by the wayside. Purchasing software became my new norm. Today was a test of my patience though. I had a client who was years behind on upgrading her Macbook Pro. The screen was literally falling […]

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Church Video and Music Licenses

——— Streaming Worship Videos ——— Even though people post their own versions of church music and lyric videos on youtube, we have to be very careful when it comes to the church itself. Legally we simply cannot upload the church service worship team recordings and have them play on the church’s website. As a matter […]

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Session Based ATT iPad 2

Wow. So back in 2012, I purchased an iPad2 (cellular & wifi) which was before AT&T allowed the iPad to be on your mobile data plans. It was called “session based” and cost $25/month. You set it up directly on the iPad and entered a credit card number. Fast forward to 2014 and I was […]

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