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Identity Theft – Better worry about the Utilities

Well this is a scary thought – employees at utilities companies, government agencies, and other companies just looking through your account information. While the article focuses on Milwaukee-based WE Energies, I should imagine that the practice is very common-place. The IRS took 219 disciplinary actions, including firings and suspensions, against employees who browsed through confidential […]

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Spam and Phising Example

Recently I had a client forward an email to me. She was concerned that she may have some security problems due to an email she received. These sorts of emails use a social engineering scare tactic to try and entice you. Kudos to her for asking me about it first! This is a perfect example […]

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United States v. Boucher (and encryption)

Well this is definitely a case to watch as it appears it will go all the way to the Supreme Court. Here is the quick scenario. The case arose when Kevin Boucher, a Canadian citizen with legal residency in the US, was traveling from Canada back to Vermont on December 17, 2006. He and his […]

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You like Yellow Dots from your Printer?

Well, I had read about this a while back, but a recent Slashdot post brought it to my attention again. Did you know that the US Government convinced printer manufacturers to encode every page of a document with a pattern of yellow dots to identify the printer (and user)? If that doesn’t give you an […]

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BestBuy and the $54 million Laptop

As I reported previously, the GeekSquad and BestBuy has some serious issues going on such as the porn incident. Unfortunately for them, it serves as bad publicity. Fortunately for me, it drives more business to me. The most recent thing is losing a laptop, and I have to agree with the lady who filed the […]

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Port 25 Email Blocking

Over the years, this issue has come up time and time again. Most ISP’s (internet service providers) now block port 25, which is the outbound email (SMTP) port. In the name of trying to “help block spam”, they make it a huge headache for customers who use their own domain or another email provider. If […]

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WESLA Federal Credit Union – Website Down

It appears that (WESLA Federal Credit Union) has some serious issues going on. The site has been down for a couple of hours at least. At 3:55pm CST, a client of mine IM’ed me over GoogleTalk about it. More than just the homepage is down as well – looks like the whole site. There […]

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I HATE Unsolicited Urban Legends!

————————Note: This blog is about the subject in general – not meant to be taken personally by the one who just sent me the email.———————— Ok everyone. Please STOP sending this crap to me. I can only hit “reply all” and send refutes about these urban legends so many times before I get really tired […]

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Analog Television – Do you need a new TV?

I’ve been asked about this issue several times. To keep it simple: No you don’t have to buy a new $1500 HD television before February 17, 2009, and throw away your old TV. What is happening is that the over the air (OTA) television stations will no longer be broadcasting in analog. They must begin […]

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Encrypting Your Data – Think about it

Imagine that police arrest an individual for a simple traffic infraction, such as running a stop sign. Under the search incident to arrest doctrine, officers are entitled to search the body of the person they are arresting to ensure that he does not have any weapons or will not destroy any evidence. The search incident […]

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