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Infected computers at half

Well this might be considered “encouraging” if it weren’t so discouraging. According to a report, 48% of over 22 million computers scanned were infected with malware used in phishing scams and password stealing apps. I’ve preached this over and over – your anti-virus is only 1 layer of security. Don’t be lulled into a false […]

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Video Tutorials Help

I’m sure glad I have the ability to create video tuorials for clients. A few years ago, a client in Canada hired me to create a series of software video tutorials that they marketed. Part of the deal was the purchase of the software for me – and it works great. Anyway, I have a […]

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Kindle unDRMed

Retweeted: 3-25-2010 For those of you not familiar, the Amazon Kindle is a cool device. I don’t own one, but I have several customers that do. You can carry around hundreds of “books” with you in a device smaller than a typical magazine. It’s also cool since there is an iPhone app and a PC […]

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Private Info on Facebook – Huh?

There is a story floating around where a limited number of AT&T users were directed into the Facebook accounts of someone else. Personally, I think the headline is more sensationalistic than anything – “scary web error” – come on now. This appears to be a misconfiguration for a proxy forwarder on the part of AT&T […]

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Cloud Backupify

As most of you know, I’m very much into backups. For my local information, I use and recommend JungleDisk. What do you do about “cloud” information though? What if Facebook lost your account? Think that can’t happen? Right. I put a lot of trust in services such as Google; however, ultimately I’m into personal responsibility. […]

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Gmail gets SSL by default

I’m sure it was prompted by the recent Chinese situation, but more kudos to Google for making SSL the default setting for Gmail and Google Apps. Most people don’t realize that your email typically flies around the hotel room, Starbucks, or your work  in an encrypted form. That’s right – it can be easily sniffed […]

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China Google Evil and Internet Explorer

Several years ago, Google made the decision to move into China and caved in to filtering certain search terms. There were many in the tech community that raised their voices – after all, Google’s corporate motto is “Don’t Be Evil”. Many people decried the censorship as evil. Personally, I always figured it was a way […]

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Wii will add Netflix

As most of you know, I don’t play that many video games. In years past, I was very much into EverQuest, but I just don’t have the time anymore. However, the boys have PS2’s and Santa brought a Wii for Christmas. While I’d played a Wii before with customers, I didn’t realize how much fun […]

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