BestBuy and the $54 million Laptop

As I reported previously, the GeekSquad and BestBuy has some serious issues going on such as the porn incident. Unfortunately for them, it serves as bad publicity. Fortunately for me, it drives more business to me.

The most recent thing is losing a laptop, and I have to agree with the lady who filed the suit. It’s not about winning $54 million – it’s about sending a clear message to BestBuy and other stores that you had better take customer information and service very seriously.

I have filed a lawsuit against Best Buy and launched this blog in an effort to bring attention to the reprehensible state of consumer property and privacy protection practices at America’s largest consumer electronics retailer, with the hope that it might motivate Best Buy to effect changes and spare future consumers the experience I have been subjected to — or worse.

Of course, it goes without saying that her data should have been encrypted on the laptop. Then her fears about identity protection would be minimized greatly. However, she does have a point about the way that BestBuy handled the situation, and apparently they are continuing to drop the ball.

Good luck Raelyn Campbell!

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