Firefox and Google Bookmarks

Recently, one of my customers had a question about losing bookmarks in Firefox. Here is the thread from that:

No I was not saving them under there, I had Star or something that said My Favorites that I used to click on. FireFox upgraded and since then I can not locate my favorites.

Ahh – that is actually good then! You were using Google Bookmarks and the Google Bookmarks toolbar. Your favorites (bookmarks) are safe with Google. Whenever you save your bookmarks with Google, they are tied into your Gmail account. You can also go to the following URL and also find your bookmarks:

Here are 2 add-ons (extensions) for Firefox that are now updated to work with the new Firefox:

Google Toolbar


Both of these will give you ways to access your Bookmarks that are stored with Google. Let me know if you still can’t find them.