Newspapers are dying with print

I’ve been saying this for a long time too, but newspapers and the way we gather news are changing drastically. I’m not the only person who doesn’t really read a newspaper. There are a lot of other people that prefer “time shifting” content.

Timeshifting content means viewing content when you want – not waiting for the radio or TV program time. Blogs, rss feeds, podcasts, and iPods help you do this easily.

Jessica DaSilva recently blogged about a staff meeting in which the editor in chief declared that the print edition was an add-on to the website.

“People need to stop looking at as an add on to The Tampa Tribune,” she said. “The truth is that The Tampa Tribune is an add on to TBO.”

Just like anything else, traditional media needs to learn to innovate and expand into the new ways of communicating and gathering information – or they will die out. The warning signs have been on the wall for several years now.


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