Changing Music Folder in iTunes

Question from email

I just noticed that my C: hard drive is nearly full. I need to configure iTunes and DVDFab to save and run off of my D: drive.


Here are the steps to move your mp3 files from one drive to another and configure iTunes:

  1. Copy your current music folder (typically “My Music”) to your other drive.
  2. Open iTunes -> Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced tab
  3. Click change and select the folder on your new drive.
  4. Click OK to exit from the Preferences.
  5. Close iTunes and then restart iTunes.

Once you have done this, you can then delete the original files from your “My Music” folder. Just make sure that you did copy all the music files over!

Here is how to configure DVDFab:

  1. Start DVDFab
  2. Click Common Settings button -> General
  3. Browse and select the Output Directory
  4. Browse and select the Temporary Directory
  5. Click OK

By the way, DVDFab is an absolutely great application for making legal backups of your movies, or encoding them to iPod format.