VZAccess Disconnecting – Linksys Print Server

For over a year now, I’ve been using Verizon’s Broadband Access which uses the EV-DO technology. It’s been pretty fast, and overall I’m a big fan of the service. It provides me a backup internet access if my cable connection goes down, plus with my business I need a constant connection.

Yesterday, I attempted to connect while at a customer’s home who had lost their DSL connection. I needed to research some information and typically the Broadband Access is perfect in these situations. I even use it to share out the connection (yes you can use Windows ICS and Broadband Access). Anyway, after about 40 seconds of connection, the software went dormat, then disconnected. That was odd considering I had 4 bars of coverage and was well within the coverage area for broadband. I chalked it up to a temporary glitch with Verizon or interference and managed to fix the DSL connection anyway.

Later that evening I attempted to connect again. Same deal – VZAccess Manager connected, 40 seconds later – VZAccess dormant, and disconnect. What the hell I thought?

First thing this morning, I decided to troubleshoot. After all, I rely on the service when I am not at my office. The first thing I did was try and think of anything that had changed between Tuesday and Wednesday on my machine. My laptop runs a very clean installation of XP Pro – and I know every piece of software that is installed.

Linksys Print Server Utility 1.0
On Tuesday, I was at a client’s office and we installed a Linksys WPSM54G Print Server, which requires the installation of Linksys Print Server Utility 1.0 and naturally Linksys thinks it has to run at start-up. Typically, I would remove software like that from startup, but in my hurry I just hadn’t done it yet.

First thing – stop the software. Second thing, simply exit the software to test. VZAccess stayed connected as long as I wanted it to! As a matter of fact, I’m posting this while connected.

My final resolution was to simply remove the software from startup using MSConfig rather than completely uninstall it. I may need the software for further troubleshooting with my client.