Google and Open Networks

Well it appears that Google is trying to drastically change the way we use wireless phone networks. As opposed to the carrier lock-in we all face now, Google’s vision is an open network where devices or phones connect to any open available network.

Their vision is very similar to how we connect to the internet now. Any computer can connect to the internet as long as it has a network connection.This is also how we connect to landlines based on the Carterphone decision in 1968. Any phone can connect to a landline phone service.

Of course, I don’t expect to the wireless carriers to go willingly into the night. They will fight this tooth and nail and do their best to carry on with the current state of lock-in. Like I’ve said over and over, until we as consumers begin to fight for change – we are stuck in the current model.

Come on Google – help us out and by extension help your company.

Google’s Full Patent Application