Google Calendar Sync

I have a client (and friend) who purchased a mobile phone running Windows Mobile. His problem was keeping his phone synced to his Google Calendar, which he runs through Google AFYD. Fortunately, Google released a sync tool called Google Calendar Sync.

Running Google Calendar Sync allows Glenn to keep his phone, pc, and online Calendar together.

I also did the mobile setup for his Google Calendar – so he can add appointments any way that he chooses.

After running for over a week with no issues, he recently had an error with the calendar sync. Here is a copy of the emailed notes.

From Email

Here are my notes on fixing the Google Calendar Sync:

  • Google Calendar Sync giving error message 2006
  • Tried to launch Outlook – gave error message “unable to open your default folders”
  • Checked Taskmanager – Outlook running in background – killed process
  • Launched Outlook 2003 – worked fine, closed it
  • Ran Google Calendar Synch – worked fine
  • CMD -> net statistics workstation – uptime since 9/29/08
  • Advised Glenn that he must restart workstation at least every other day

Basically, you have to restart XP (or any version of Windows) at least every other day. In your case, Outlook was “hung” running in the background which would not allow Google Calendar Sync to run properly. I had to kill the process and it worked fine.

You need to restart that computer.