Blogger Issue – Connection timed out

Well this year started out a little shakey on the technology front. I have been attempting to post about malware for 2 hours using my account and kept receiving the following error: Connection timed out

Just so you know, I use to post my blog to my own webserver using the FTP publishing built into Blogger. This has worked out great now for a couple of years – I have 4 blogs that I maintain with the service. This morning when I tried to publish my blog though – it just decided not to work.

A little research shows that this has been a recurring problem with Blogger and Google with no real resolution. It’s very aggravating to say the least so I wanted to share what fixed my account since Google has not posted any sort of resolution – and contacting Google for support is lackluster at best. They have claimed repeatedly that the problem is fixed but it just keeps cropping up. Apparently some time around Christmas and January 1, 2009, it started showing up in many accounts.

Some posts from Google suggest that it may be an active vs passive FTP issue. Typically Google suggests the issue the on the side of the website host – this is obviously not the case. The problem is Google/Blogger side.

Come on Google and Blogger Team – post the problem AND the resolution.


Resolution for my account:

  • In your Blog account settings, go to FTP publishing.
  • Set the ftp server to:

*I use FTP publishing to publish my blog from blogger to my own website. If you don’t use the same setup, this may not work for you.

Previously, I had entered – just as Google’s instructions said. This has worked fine for 2 years and still works fine in other blogs I have under the same Blogger account using the exact same settings. Who knows – but this worked for me.