BlogPress Review

As most of you are aware, I switched over to an iPhone a couple of weeks ago. I’ve got to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Just the Google Sync (calendar and contacts) feature alone is worth the money spent.

Then there is the Apps Store – this is arguably one of the most addictive things for the iPhone. I seem to have fallen into the Apple realm of throwing money – albeit $.99 and $3.99 is not going to kill me.

I purchased and install BlogPress – an iPhone app for blogging that supports multiple platforms including Blogger which I use. Now let me be clear – blogging from your phone is NOT a substitute for blogging from your laptop or PC. Firefox extensions such as ScribeFire are just far more robust. However, there are times when I want to blog while mobile – and when I don’t have my laptop around.

Here are the postitives and the negatives as I see them.


  • Initial setup is easy
  • App is very responsive and publishes quickly
  • Can upload multiple pics and resize/reposition them
  • App author very responsive to email support – responded within 10 minutes of my request!
  • Uses Picasa albums to host pics – can use your own Gmail account


  • WYSIWYG not present except adding your own HTML tags
  • No way to delete Picasa albums once added


I had an issue trying to use my Picasa account that is associated with my Google Apps account. BlogPress would show my albums but error out when trying to post with the image. My solution was to use one of my Gmail account Picasa albums.

Feng, the app author, is going to test with a Google App account.

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