Chase Bank Error Code 1300

So far I’ve been pretty pleased with Chase bank. The tellers are generally friendly and the online banking site is pretty good – so far.

About 2 weeks ago, when I ported my Verizon number over to AT&T for my new iPhone, I noticed that I stopped receiving text alerts from my Chase account for transactions. I logged into my Chase account and decided to delete my text alert profile and then re-add my phone and re-verify the phone now that it was on ATT’s system. That’s when the trouble began.

Now, I can’t add any alerts back in.

Unable to Complete Transaction
We were unable to process your change.  The transaction cannot be processed. (1300)

Ok – so I sent a secure message via the site to Chase with details and even a screenshot. No response except “you will get a response within 24 hrs.” That’s typical. So 24 hours later I call Chase. The first thing the lady says, “Oh I hope it’s not a 1300 error.” Oh great!

As it turns out, this issue will not be resolved until 3-22-2008. That means I have no account alerts until then. That’s really safe. Thanks Chase!

On the upside I check my account several times a day anyway from my laptop and iPhone – but the alerts sure are nice. Come on Chase.