Updating iPhone 3G to 3.0 Software Issue

My first attempt to update to the iPhone 3.0 software on Windows XP resulted in a “Hardware Not Found” message when the Windows Hardware Wizard attempted to install the new drivers.

Unplugging the phone and plugging back in didn’t help. Pointing the Hardware Wizard to the default driver location didn’t help. Apparently the driver was corrupted? I even tried downloading an alternate copy, but that didn’t help either.


I plugged my iPhone into another laptop and iTunes recognized it as in “recovery mode”. Since I didn’t want to sync it to that particular laptop, I decided to reinstall iTunes on my main laptop. Once I downloaded and installed iTunes (without uninstalling first), it recognized my iPhone in as in “recovery mode”.

After following the prompts to restore it,  it popped up running the 3.0 software! However, it had none of my installed apps, etc. iTunes prompted for a restore from backup so I allowed it, of course. 

The restore worked perfectly and after several minutes of reloading my iPhone everything works great!

The cut/copy/paste is very elegant – good job Apple even if it seems like a simple thing.