Trouble with Bellsouth and Yahoo email

Retweeted: 3-25-2010

ATT did a stupid partnership deal with Yahoo a couple of years ago to provide email services through Yahoo, and they have done it without proper warning to customers. That means that some of you using services such as Gmail to pop3 your Bellsouth email in – suddenly find it not working. I’ve also had customers who try to login to and get redirected to the Yahoo portal – and then can’t login.

First, QUIT using your Bellsouth / ATT email. Second, sign up for Gmail. Pretty simple – and you won’t lose any email.

If you are already “popping in” your Bellsouth to Gmail (or another email service), you will probably need to modify the settings for gmail to pull in your Bellsouth email. Here are the steps:

  1. In Gmail – click “Settings”
  2. Click “Accounts” tab
  3. Find the Bellsouth account in “Get Mail from Other Accounts” – click “Edit Info”
  4. Change the POP3 server to
  5. Change the port to 995
  6. You may need to check “Always Use a Secure Connection (SSL) when retrieving mail”.

An alternate method is to login to your Bellsouth email and have it forward to your Gmail. Yahoo only allows forwarding and POP3 with premium accounts, so I’m guessing the partnership allows both.