Cloud Backupify

google docs exportAs most of you know, I’m very much into backups. For my local information, I use and recommend JungleDisk. What do you do about “cloud” information though? What if Facebook lost your account? Think that can’t happen? Right.

I put a lot of trust in services such as Google; however, ultimately I’m into personal responsibility. That means that you and you alone are responsible for you data so I like to watch the watchers.

Ok – here is what I do:

  • For Google email (Gmail, etc) – Gmail Backup. Easy. Simple.
  • For Google Docs – choose all your docs…more actions…export.
  • For JungleDisk – I also backup to an encrypted USB drive.
  • For Picasa Web, I have local copies that are backed up to JungleDisk and USB drives.

For services such as Twitter and Facebook and any others, I don’t put any information in them that I don’t have somewhere else. Simple enough.

However, there are a lot of people that put a ton of information into cloud services and don’t have a copy of that data elsewhere. How do you back it up?

backupifyBackupify is a service that connects to your various cloud services, pulls in your data, and stores it securely with Amazon’s S3 cloud service – cloud to cloud backup. Now, they admit that recovering data back to some services (Facebook) is currently impossible. However, at least you would have your raw data should a disaster happen with Facebook.