Kindle unDRMed

Retweeted: 3-25-2010

For those of you not familiar, the Amazon Kindle is a cool device. I don’t own one, but I have several customers that do. You can carry around hundreds of “books” with you in a device smaller than a typical magazine.

It’s also cool since there is an iPhone app and a PC app. They even stay synchronized with your last page position – and that is really cool.

What is not cool is the fact that Amazon locks the ebooks in DRM (digital restrictions management) so that while you paid $30 for a digital book, you can only read it through their app.

Well – to quote Apple: “There’s an app for that too!”

I’m not going to re-post all the instructions, but you can click over to this blog article for a how to. This allows you to at least get the file out of the Kindle App and into .mobi format. While not totally open – it beats being locked into the Kindle App.