6 months of Google Voice

As I blogged previously, I setup a Google Voice account and have integrated it into my telephone support. You can call 318-995-GEEK (4335), and it will directly ring my cell phone. I setup my iPhone voicemail to automatically route to gVoice too.

There are several advantages. First, let me say that the visual voicemail on the iPhone is cool, but gVoice takes that concept to a whole new level. I have a copy of EVERY voicemail that I have received since setting it up. That makes a tremendous difference in my business since I go through a lot of calls each day. As most of you know, I am a one-man show. There is no secretary.

As with most businesses customer communication is a key component. I can sign in to my Google Voice account from any internet-connected computer and review all of them. I can download them as mp3 files, embed them in my website, or forward them on to others. Of course, my main purpose is to store them for customer history information.

The voice transcription is not that great. So far, it is more entertaining than useful, but Google is working on improving it. I have full faith that they will get it right.

Overall, I am very pleased with its performance and features. For free – you can’t beat it.

What is Google Voice?

It is NOT a phone service per se. You need an existing phone or you can just use it for voicemail. When someone calls your Google Voice number, it will ring your existing phone or phones. You answer one of them and take the call or route it to voicemail.

Google Voice Explained – from Google.