iPhone Screen Protectors – do no good

My friends think I’m crazy for not putting on one of those worthless plastic screen protectors on my iPhone. The reason I don’t is simple: the iPhone screen is glass while the protector is thin plastic. Which one is harder?

I learned a long time ago from sunglasses when fishing – glass lenses are always superior and less likely to scratch than polycarbonate ones (plastics). Sure – the glass is heavier, but I look for durability first. That’s why my favorites were always Hobie – they were glass.

My iPhone philosophy is the same. If something is hard enough to scratch the glass, then the flimsy plastic screen protector isn’t going to protect anything. Oh yea, and you just can’t get the air bubbles from dust particles completely out when you put them on – and that looks crappy anyway.

Want proof? My iphone has been hunting, ATV riding, crawled though attics, and dropped (once). Not a scratch on it.

Seems like Apple agrees with me to – read here.