Dell Inspiron 1525 Windows 7 Install

I installed Windows 7 on a Dell Inspiron 1525 this weekend. It took less than 30 minutes with a brand new 640GB drive. Everything went nearly perfect – the only drivers that Win7 didn’t install was for a “Base System Device”, which was the Ricoh card reader. Here’s a direct link to the correct driver:

Update: Per Brandon – the Dell TouchPad/Pointing Stick driversshould be installed for full functionality. Here is a direct link from Dell’s FTP server.

Remember to always backup your data before installing a new operating system. Also, there is no direct upgrade path from XP to 7 so you will be starting out from scratch with software installations, etc.

  • neckro

    Thank you verry much !! The drivers are working !!

  • rex

    You are very welcome. I try to help out where I can. 🙂

  • tab

    Hi rex! I’m really struggeling with the installation of Windows 7 on my Inspiron 1525. Why? When I boot from the installation cd, it shows up the language selection screen. But keyboard and usb mouse are not working, so I can not continue the installation.

    Didi you have the same problem? Do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks fior any help!

    • rex

      Hi and thanks for posting –

      Thats odd. It should load default keyboard and mouse drivers.

      Does the touchpad work?

  • Ben

    Hi, Rex

    I am trying to instal and operating system onto the Dell Inspiron 1525, the operating system is Windows 7 and when the instaler loads windows files the computer restarts by it self and the instaler does not get a chance to instal an operating system.

    Can you help
    Thanks, Ben

  • hey dude after installing windows 7 ultimate on my dell inspiron 1525, the keyboard layout of the pc has changed. for example. when i press shift+num 2, it displays the double quotation mark ( ” ), and when i press the shift+” key, it displays @. also some other keys have changed. can you help me out please.

    • rex

      Try this:

        Go to Start -> Control Panel
        Search for Keyboard
        Click ‘Change keyboards and other input methods’
        Click ‘Change Keyboards’
        Check your settings for input language

  • Ron

    Hello, I am from the netherlands and I have a problem whit W7,
    if I have install compleet W7 om my inspirion 1525 whit intell core 2 duo T7250 and 4GB and he
    by a new start then for a moment I get blue screen and the start again, every time
    Can you help me out whit this problem

  • John Reynolds

    I have the Win7 disc, but not install disc. Where did you install disc come from? (Where can I find an installation disc for the Inspiron 1525?)

  • Robert McIntyre

    which version of Window7 should install on the Inspiron 1525, is a 32 bit or 64 bit windows 7 home?

  • rofl

    Hey, so I downloaded windows 7 onto my inspiron 1525, but i had to use the custom package to download it since it kept on stating that i didn’t have the windows service pack. Anyway, the problem now is that my windows 7 got downloaded into my recovery folder instead of OS (C:) and apparently my OS (C:) is full of files from Windows Vista – and I can’t seem to delete them off nor format the entire disk either. Even after changing the administrator from TrustedInstaller to my account I still could not delete the files off. What should I do now? 🙁

  • james

    guys i need help i have an inspiron 1525 and my hdd got damaged . i replaced the dameaged one with a nbrand new toshiba 1 tb amd when i try to install w7 it says drivers are missing . i ve downloaded thge sata drivers but it keeps telling me the same… 🙁 HELP

    • rex

      Does it boot all the way to the desktop – or when do you get the message?

      It’s perfectly normal to be missing some drivers, depending on your hardware.