JungleDisk iPhone App

jungledisk iphone appJungleDisk recently released their iPhone app. It allows you to directly access your cloud backup storage – which is really cool for several reasons.

First, I can access my backup files (sent to the cloud every 24 hours) and attach files to an email if necessary. There have been several times that I’ve needed to send a file to a client, but my laptop was packed up or I was not near a wifi connection. Now, I can send them from my iPhone.

Second, I can directly send photos to my backups from my iPhone. Granted, I can always copy/paste them (for full resolution) to an email; however, this provides another way of “backup” for the iPhone.

Third, I can store plenty of mp3 files in the cloud and stream them down. This “increases” my iPhone storage to limitless. Granted, I don’t think it will support playlists, etc, but it’s still cool.