HP Vista Code Purple

HP Code Purple

Turns out HP computers with Vista can have the same “code purple” issue when recovering to the out of the box state. This comes from the manufacturer’s tattoo on the motherboard.  Fortunately the solution is about the same as when I ranted about HP computers with the code purple and XP issue.

Here are the steps to fix it:

  • Download Ubuntu ISO from www.ubuntu.com
  • Burn the ISO to a CD (use CD Burner XP if you don’t have burning software that will do ISO files).
  • Set your BIOS to boot to CD if not already set
  • Boot to Ubuntu Live..Navigate to Places…(HP hard drive)…hp\bin\CheckDMI
  • Rename CheckDMI.cmd to CheckDMI.bak or simply delete it.
  • Shut down Ubuntu, remove the CD, restart to Windows

Alternate solution:

  • Remove the hard drive
  • Slave it into a working Windows PC or use a USB enclosure to plug into a working Windows PC
  • Follow the same steps as above for rename or delete

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For other computer brands, follow the instructions above but look for the following file:


There is an excellent (but long) discussion thread going on here.

  • Melinda Ragsdale

    Thanks so very much. I did what you said, only I used System Suite 10 professional. Put the disc in and turn PC off – then turn it back on. The screen comes up with recovery commander on it. Click on it. Then view files and folders. Go to HP- then bin- then CheckDMI – then hit the red delete X at top of screen. It was so easy! I have already bought a new PC with Win 7, but hey I saved this one from being thrown out. Thanks again

  • Carlos Ramirez

    Thanks alot, I did exactly as it says and it worked thank you thank you thank you

  • Bob W

    Thanks…Worked perfectly

  • Christopher S.

    Thank you for this info. It saved my sister-in-laws desktop. It saved a lot of headaches, time and money.

    • rex

      You are welcome – glad it helped!

  • Roald Lygre

    Excellent explanation, great help!

  • Mike Gacia

    (o_0) OMG…you guys are over complicating the FK out of this problem & you’re killing me! I’ve had this problem several times in the past with my customer’s Vista machines (doesn’t matter if it’s 64bit or 32 so FKing relax already & STOP over thinking EVERYTHING ya goombah…lol!)-(I have a 100% success rate!). All I did to correct the problem was to slave it into my win-7 machine & open up my start menu & type the drive name that my computer renamed it to 1st into the search bar at the bottom of my start menu by peeking into “Computer” real quick in my start menu & seeing what the hell my computer had renamed it to & then I entering the rest behind it like this “E:CheckDMI” -(you’ll see the folder & open it ya dummy!) & I simply renamed CheckDMI ~to~ CheckDMI.bak ! I never saw any freaking file called CheckDMI.cmd like everyone said to look for, but just follow my same instructions if you do find the little bastard. Just shut down the computer & pull out the drive & stick it back into the machine it belongs into & turn it back on & it’ll work just fine!!! ***Note: Many peeps suggested just deleting the file & I have never tried this, but if this method fails…I’d highly recommend it because all you’re doing in the 1st place is tricking the machine into not executing the command, so if you delete it…in theory it should have the exact same effect! (o_O) Loving Signed: Yo DADDY!!!~; )~*

  • Johann the Bewildered

    When it pops up the code purple message, hit shift-F10, a command window pops up, edit the c:\hp\checkdmi\checkdmi.cmd file, put “goto cleanup” on the first line.

    worked for me…

    • rex

      Thank you! I just saw this WordPress notice.

  • honeydokid

    My grandson was giving a Compaq Presario sr5421f desktop pc, without a hard drive. I put in a new hard drive and tried to install windows XP home edition. It goes to the 1st reboot and then, freeze at restarting computer. What can I do with getting Windows XP to install?

    • rex

      Sounds silly, but gotta make sure and ask: did you install a new drive? Also, it sounds like (1) the drive may have some bad sectors (starting to fail) or (2) you have a bad stick of RAM.

      Is the copy of XP Home Edition an HP / Compaq OEM copy or a retail copy?

      • honeydokid

        It was a drive that I had here and it checked out good. I wasn’t getting any where with the XP, so took the hard drive out and put it in another computer and Put Windows 7 Ultimate on it. I disconnect that computer hard drive and with the hard drive that I just recorded Win.7, it booted up nice. Took it out and put it back in the HP computer and all I get is, ” disk boot failure insert system disk and press enter.” You think that HP , has that tattoo on the mother board some where. It did have Vista on the computer before, but it was gave to my grandson with a hard drive or a recovery disk of any kind. Maybe will get a use mother board from E-bay as long as it isn’t a HP board.

        • rex

          Sounds like the “BIOS” settings were not set to recognize the drive. Also, if you installed Win7 on 2nd computer then tried the drive in the 1st computer, you will have a tough time getting it to boot. That is due to (a) the HAL and (b) tattooing.

          You need to put a new drive in the computer and then install Windows on that machine.

          • honeydokid

            I’m pretty sure it is that HP tattoo, since that this computer was gave to my grandson and he hasn’t any money invested in it. Would changing the mother board and put a copy of Windows 7 in, would get rid of that tattoo?

          • rex

            Yes if that is the case. However, depending on the copy of Windows (OEM, etc), it still may not install or activate. At any rate, since you seem determined that its the mobo, order one and try it. 😉

          • honeydokid

            I had second thought on getting another board. I wipe the hard drive and install Windows XP Home Edition on it, but at the first reboot. I get a message ” error loading operating system” This mother board run to good to throw the board in the trash can and the XP install up to the first boot with the files.