ASUS Pundit-R

Recently, I had a client in the building products business with a computer issue. Turns out the hard drive had failed on their pc that cuts foam products. First order of business – replace the hard drive. Second – install Windows XP and all drivers. Third, deliver and install design and cutting software. Lastly, I will create an image clone of the machine.

Of course, that meant going “driver hunting” – which in many respects is similar to “dumpster diving.” As usual it proved to be interesting and time consuming, so I’m posting all the drivers and information here to help others.

ASUS Pundit-R AB-P2800 Drivers:

Click here to download all files in one package – these are the ones I used and zipped back up to make it easy.
This computer also had a MosChip KWE-220N-2 parallel port PCI card installed. You can download directly from MosChip here or create your own account with them and download it from here.
  • Downloads -> PCI & PCI Express Connectivity -> MCS9805