Foreign Malware Phone Calls

Hey Rex!
I just had a very foreign, foreigner call me on my home phone and tell me that my computer had downloaded a virus! I ask him how he knew that & he said they received feedback on all the “windows” of the Microsoft software & it showed my computer was coming on line slowly!!!
When I tried to ask him a question he told me go to the computer & he would tell me what I needed to do….I told him my computer was at work, but tell me & I would write it down!! BAAAHAAHAA!!!! He hung up on me!
Please tell me I don’t need to be paranoid! Will be throwing a towel over the camera on my lap top thinking someone is there!

That is an actual email received from a client this evening. Of course, it goes without saying that I advised her it was a total scam.

The interesting thing is that she was called on her phone. That takes it to a whole different level. I’ve noticed lately that I’ve gotten more than a few txt message pitches on my iPhone.