ATT Message ID: NAD2902 Error

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 1.43.00 PMThis morning I had a client call with the dreaded Message ID: NAD2902 error from AT&T and the Motorola NVG510.

*see video at end of article

A couple of months ago, Jim had switched from Comcast to AT&T DSL / Uverse, and the problem started. As most of you know, I am NOT a fan of ATT DSL due to the low bandwidth downstream and especially upstream (640Kbs). Plus, of all the support calls I’ve done over the years, ATT tops the list.

At any rate, Jim has done several tech support calls to AT&T’s DSL Tech Support (888-321-2375) has been through the typical routines. He’s even had several technicians visit the premises with no luck. He even had one tell him that DSL was analog … ahem DIGITAL Subscriber Line … and that Uverse was digital. What that had to do with his issue – who knows?

Turns out this is not an isolated issue with the Motorola NVG-510. A quick google search turns out a LOT of people with the issue. Based on my troubleshooting (checking pc malware, browser settings, DNS, etc) the best bet is to simply replace the modem. Getting ATT to do that may be the biggest challenge.