Digital Faxing

885078_577598675585885_1560756345_oOddly, the popularity of email and all things digital still has NOT KILLED the fax machine. It continues to hang around in a lot of offices as one of those “entrenched” technologies that just won’t go away. Heck, college football even promotes the use of the lowly fax machine on signing day.

However, from an efficiency standpoint, it makes a lot of sense to go to digital document transmission. You know – those new fangled things like email or maybe even cloud services! Yeah, I’m being a little sarcastic as usual.

Close on the heals of moving to digital document transmission is digital document storage. I have helped a LOT of clients become more efficient with their document storage – typically through the use of PDF and Adobe Acrobat. Many of these clients have learned the power of document search. From lawyers to accountants to landmen to doctors, every office can be made more efficient.

If you need some help getting rid of the old fax machine, let me know. My soapbox for digital sermons is always ready.

Following is a quick list of why to move to digital documents.

  • Digital saves paper and ink/toner.
  • Scanning to PDF for email or digital fax provides allows you to backup your faxes too.
  • Using search capabilities in Windows, OSX, and Linux can greatly speed up your document retrieval time.
  • Use of services such as DropBox or Google Docs and others provides large document sharing.
  • With iPhones and Android phones, apps such a JotNot Pro allow you to scan and fax via your digital fax service – or just simply email.
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