46k TXT Messages

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 3.03.05 PMI’m getting ready to upgrade to iOS 8 with my iPhone 5s so I decided to make a complete backup of my phone. Normally, I would use iTunes to do this – but DigiDNA has come out with a new product – iMazing. It truly is.

It allows you to export a copy of ALL of your txt messages saved on your iPhone. You can choose from several different formats, you can export txt from a single person, or multiple people, or all at once. I chose all – and it produced a 1GB 4,000 page PDF. That’s a lot of text messages.

Why do this? In my business, the data is as important – no – more important than the hardware. It’s always good to have your data in a format that you can access from nearly any device – or move forward in the future.