Downloading Videos from Youtube

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.25.14 PMSo you want to download videos from Youtube and save them locally? There are a couple of options for doing this. Technically it’s not difficult but you do need to review Youtube’s policy on this.

Option 1: Use to copy/paste the youtube URL and click “download”. It will generate links that you can right-click and save. It does require a java applet, but KeepVid is safe.

Option 2: Use Google Chrome (or Firefox) with the Tampermonkey and “Download Video as MP4” script. This is how I do it and makes it VERY easy once setup.

Tampermonkey for Chrome:

Download YouTube Videos as MP4 :

Hope that helps. I’d rather post good safe information than people google something, install malicious software, and have to call someone like me to fix it 😉