Google Apps Email Setup

As most of you know, I strongly encourage and recommend the use of Google Apps for your Domain – now known as Google Apps for Work. Once I get email setup for a client, then the next step is checking that email. To make things simpler I have also created a couple of videos showing the setup on both an iPhone and Android phone.

Here is how:

email address:
password: Abc123456

(1) Checking email from any COMPUTER: OR
sign in with your full email address and password

(2) Here is setup on an IPHONE / IPAD – just use your email address and not the one in the video

(3) ANDROID Phone you can use this video to setup the email – just use your email address and not the one inn the video

You will need the following for Android (as shown in the video):

IMAP Server:
Security: SSL (accept all certificates)

SMTP Server:
Security: TLS (accept all certificates)