Session Based ATT iPad 2

Wow. So back in 2012, I purchased an iPad2 (cellular & wifi) which was before AT&T allowed the iPad to be on your mobile data plans. It was called “session based” and cost $25/month. You set it up directly on the iPad and entered a credit card number.

Fast forward to 2014 and I was still being charged – so when I upgrade my wife’s about 6 months ago I spoke to the AT&T sales guy about it. He was able to put the iPad 2 on my family plan, but apparently was unable to stop the charges.

Now fast forward to March 2015 – and I was still being charged. I called AT&T.

The first support person was doing pretty good at first. I explained at least 6 times the issue – and that I could NOT stop the charges nor access any account for it. Then about 7mins 40 secs into the conversation – she tried to get snippy with me. Finally she put me on a 6 minute hold, spoke to a supervisor, came back and apologized, and directed me to the support team that handles these problems. He immediately understood the problem.

In the end I was able get the iPad2 disabled using IMEI number. I also removed it from my family plan saving me $10/month. Now – it can be used as WiFi only.

To make matters even better – I was able to get a $100 credit to my AT&T bill. Actually, I ask for a credit about once every 6 months and usually get one. Sometimes it’s $50, but I’ve gotten up to $199 before.

Remember: It never hurts to ask.