Church Video and Music Licenses

Streaming Worship Videos

Even though people post their own versions of church music and lyric videos on youtube, we have to be very careful when it comes to the church itself. Legally we simply cannot upload the church service worship team recordings and have them play on the church’s website.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 4.27.15 PMAs a matter of fact, downloading the copies of youtube videos violates youtube’s terms of service; however, from a practical standpoint we need to make sure the videos run during the live service even if the internet hiccups.

The problem is always copyright and performance licensing. While I might can get away with posting worship videos on Facebook and Vimeo under my account, we have to very careful when posting under the church’s account or even embedding in the website. Those become public easily.

In order to “legally” post videos of the worship music, we need a “Streaming License” from CCLI. This allows the church to post videos of worship music.


While not as critical as the “Church Copyright License”, most churches (and worship leaders) are not aware that you can’t legally copy music for worship team members to practice. For instance, let’s say the worship team practices a set of songs and some of the team would like a CD or DVD or USB drive or sharing via Dropbox with the same songs. By US Copyright law – that’s a no go.

The “Rehearse License” from CCLI allows you to do legally do that for the majority of Christian music.

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