Malware from Bad Ads

Want to know how the malware gets in?

Bad advertising and scripting are the MAIN culprits these days. Google employs over 1000 people just to try and fight the problem. Read up and weep.

How does this get in? Typically you will visit a normal legitimate website that has ads running. That is most websites these days. The ad network you see runs in your browser but unknowingly to you (and the website) malicious code is injected into the ads and thus into your browser.

Ad blocking malware virusCan you stop it? Not easily. Anti-virus doesn’t typically stop script based malware either.

FORBES magazine recently forced users to disable ad-blocking software – and then promptly served them up MALWARE!

I STRONGLY encourage everyone to do the following:
  • Use Google Chrome or Firefox – NOT Internet Explorer for general surfing and email.
  • Use an well-known ad blocking extension such as Adblock.
  • Enjoy the web just a little bit safer.

Of course – you can always buy a Mac. 😉

**NOTE: contains NO ad networks at all. 🙂

malware ios safari iphone“Google says last year it eliminated 780 million “plain bad” ads carrying malware, promoting fake goods or leading to phishing sites.”