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Pickup or DropOff Computer - HDD Issues


Your computer hard drive (HDD) appears to have issues or defects that are causing the operating system (OS) to be non-bootable. This may likely require replacement of the HDD, installation of the OS, installation of updates and software.

If your data is non-recoverable by typical means and software, then you agree and understand that your HDD would need to be sent to for attempted recovery. This is a separate 3rd party service.

If your data is partially or fully recoverable, then you agree and understand that we will make a best-faith attempt to recover all data possible. However, we may not be able to recover all data needed.


Client agrees to allow SmarterGeek to perform certain tests and software and hardware functions in order to recover your data. This may require the use of 3rd party software or tools.

Client also agrees that data recovery attempts can sometimes take up considerable time (ex: sector repair/remapping). You also agree that the simple copying of large amounts of data can take up considerable time.

SmarterGeek agrees to communicate the status of the recovery work as well as any costs or charges.

Client agrees that if you elect to stop the work-in-progress, then SmarterGeek will likely invoice you for time spent and software usage.


While SmarterGeek attempts to backup and transfer your important data, and we try to avoid situations where your data or software is lost, such occurrences of data loss happen and are common, for a variety of reasons. We will make every best faith effort to retrieve, backup, and restore your data.

However, ultimately it is your responsibility to insure that you have complete and restorable backups of your important data files.

You agree and allow SmarterGeek to make a temporary copy of any recoverable data while in the process of repairs. This data will be kept only for the time necessary to complete the services or repairs. SmarterGeek is NOT responsible for maintaining archives of your data.


SmarterGeek agrees that “reasonable minor remote help” such as printer software installation will be allowed up to 15 days after delivery or pickup of device. We are NOT responsible for software/hardware issues arising from client installation after delivery or pickup.


Client agrees to review the following page and acknowledges that it is subject to periodic revision:


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