Computer Repair

Is your computer giving you a headache? Running slower than ever?

Yep – I can make it run like brand new again. I’ve been doing this for well over a decade – and have literally done 10’s of thousands of computers.

There are many causes for computer slowdowns – failing hard drives, bad RAM, Windows bit rot. All of these problems can be fixed. Many times, it’s easier (and less expensive) to backup data, format/reinstall Windows, and reinstall the software.

At SmarterGeek I do a thorough analysis of your computer’s behavior to determine the exact cause of the problem. Then I make professional and sensible recommendations – even if that means suggesting it’s time for a new computer.

Have a new computer running Windows 8 – but you still like Windows 7? I don’t blame you, and I can get it installed. The tough part is the drivers, but I have done this many times. I have even posted instructions on many computers – some even where the manufacturer is out of business.

Oh – and did I mention that you always get a FREE CONSULTATION!

Want to do the steps to reinstalling an operating system? I don’t mind sharing how so check out this post.