hard drives and data

One of the biggest issues has always been data recovery. If you are lucky when your operating system (Windows or OSX) crashes, it’s a software issue. Your data can be easily recovered and software fixed or reinstalled.

However, there is a simple rule with computers.

ALL Hard Drives FAIL. Every one of them.

Some will last 2 weeks and some 2 years and some 2 decades. There is no predicting the failure rate – although Google’s study on hard disk failures is a pretty cool read for techies like me. You simply cannot trust the machines. Backups are the key.

The DATA is important – not the machine. There is nothing more stressful than hearing the click of death and realizing you might not have a backup.

You can always buy another computer. Replacing data is the crucial part.

Why risk losing your data? You need to make sure that your important information is backed up offsite – safe and and sound and intact. As a matter of fact, we recommend that you backup your data to at least 2 locations – such as a USB drive AND a cloud backup.

Who do we recommend? There are many good resources – www.carbonite.com and www.crashplan.com work well.

CONTACT ME for a FREE consulation. Let’s discuss how to PREVENT data loss. Don’t let it cost you or your business a fortune.

Rex’s Rule #1: You are only as good as your last successful backup … from which you can recover.