Networking – Office and Home

smartergeek networkingHave more than 1 computer in your business? Let our years of experience and certifications make your networking easy! Whether you need a small LAN for your business or you are a home-user who wants to share your Internet connection with your family, we can make it happen.

Office Solutions

Whether you have a central file server running Windows or Linux, we will be glad to assist you. Managing permissions and device access (printers, etc) can sometimes be a daunting task, but we try to make it easy.

Looking for a way to remotely access your files from anywhere? There are plenty of solutions available.

  • Hamachi – secure VPN tunnel that is software based
  • DropBox – secure file access and sharing
  • Google Drive – secure file access and sharing

Home Solutions

The truth is that most homes already have a fairly extensive network setup. With multiple devices from iPhones to iPads to xBox and Apple TV’s, little issues sometimes arise depending on your router and particular hardware.

We take the mystery out of these issues.